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Scott Haislip

Concrete Design Consultant

Scott has more than 35 years of technical and engineering experience, primarily focusing on design, construction, sales and marketing of concrete pavements and floors, construction materials and other developing technologies. After joining Structural Services Inc. in February of 2018, his primary focus is concrete mix design evaluations and optimization, pavement and floor design, construction and restoration. This includes the design and construction of concrete overlays utilizing high volume fiber concrete mix designs.

At his previous company, Scott’s responsibilities involved designing, implementing and monitoring of various slab systems and the QA/QC program for high performance slab concrete mixtures. He also developed a national program for construction of concrete pavements utilizing innovations in concrete materials and construction techniques. Primary markets Scott has been involved in include new construction, whitetopping overlays, pervious pavement construction roller compacted pavement, bridge decks, and pavement restoration for industrial facilities, commercial parking areas, residential development, and municipal pavements. He also initiated a specialized interior slab-on-ground flooring system incorporating specifically designed concrete mixtures containing a high concentration of fibers and shrinkage-reducing admixtures.

Scott’s work history also includes positions as VP of Engineering at various national design and construction companies, Director of Streets & Roads for the American Concrete Pavement Association, Senior Director for National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Technical Services Engineer for Lafarge Corporation, Sales and Marketing for Grace Construction Products and Principal Engineer for the Ohio Department of Transportation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Scott is member of the American Concrete Institute and serves on the following committees: ACI 302 Construction of Concrete Floors, ACI 325 Concrete Pavements, ACI 327 Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements, ACI 330 Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving, and ACI 546 Repair of Concrete. He is also a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors Paving Committee, and the American Concrete Pavements Association.

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