The SSI Team

Industry experts in design and construction consulting services

Our Team

Eldon (Tipp) Tipping, PE, HACI

Founder - Vice-Chairman - Principal
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Rick Smith, FACI

President / Senior Consultant - Principal
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Pat Harrison, MBA, FACI

Vice President / Senior Consultant - Principal
Phone: 913.961.2222
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Jerry Holland, PE, FACI

Vice President / Director of Design - Principal
Phone: 678.545.0582
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Wayne Walker, PE, SE, FACI

Director of Engineering Services - Principal
Phone: 770.717.0187
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Bob Simonelli, FACI

Senior Consultant - Principal
Phone: 386.566.6132
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Tressie Escamilla

Office Manager - Principal
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Denny Bartz

Construction Consultant - Principal
Phone: 309.314.4138
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Joel Burgess, PE

Consulting Engineer - Principal
Phone: 864.420.0232
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Bryan Birdwell, FACI

Senior Floor & Paving Consultant - Principal
Phone: 863-393-4495
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Bob Harris

Senior Decorative Concrete Consultant - Principal
Phone: 214-522-6438
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Scott Haislip

Concrete Design Consultant
Phone: 219-629-3194
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Chad White

Senior Concrete Consultant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Matt Basky

Construction Field Consultant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Keith Schmidtberger

Concrete Consultant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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James (LJ) Riehl

Construction Consultant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Justin Jefferis

Concrete Consultant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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Hailey Escamilla

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 214.522.6438
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About Company

Structural Services Inc. has 5 offices, and provides specialized concrete consultation, training and forensics for the most advanced concrete applications.

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202 N. Grand Avenue
Waxahachie, TX 75165-2218
FAX: None

Our Locations

Corporate Headquarters - Dallas, TX

Atlanta, GA

Overland Park, KS

New Smyrna, FL (Daytona/Orlando)

Greenville, SC

Moline, IL